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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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released a further description of the suv. let's we will keep you posted on that. a convicted killer gary sampson back in court today. after being found guilty of murder. he was sentenced to death in 2004. >> but his legal team is seeking life without the possibility of parole. we have more on the proceedings. we have been told there may have been some new developments we are seeing some brand-new video of gary sampson. to decide whether gary sampson should be put to death. carjacking resulting in murder is a punishable, federally punishable by death crime. an earlier jury decide more than 10 years ago as you say, that sampson should be put to death but a judge threw that out when it was found that a juror lied on the form. while the jury is hearing sampson has been violent in prison. >> a federal jury in boston hearing gary sampson 15 years ago dialing 9-1-1 to turn
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spree. >> i don't want troopers to come here and try to shoot me up or something. i don't have any guns. i have a pocket knife, i have everything in the other room. i'm standing in the kitchen. i'm scared. >> and it is seeing the convicted serial killer on surveillance video trying to attack a worker. it was may 2011 and and deanna, the worker trying to deliver food to sampson in his cell. you can see his arm come out as he tries to slash the man with a sharp edged broomstick. james hughes testified he told sampson some special commissary orders he wanted were not being got very irate and started cursing at me during a tantrum. a few seconds after the attempted stabbing, you can see him tossing the makeshift weapon down the hall in an effort to injure prison employees. hughes told the jury if he had not jumped out of the way, he would have been stabbed. sampson admitted murdering three people in a 2001 multistate crime spree.
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from the south ?south shore to new hampshire. he finally gave up after driving to vermont. >> my name is gary sampson. i'm in a lot of trouble. i don't want to get shot, i don't want to get killed. >> sampson confessed to police in both vermont and massachusetts. we are hearing from the judge that federal wrap their portion of the case tomorrow. we are live in south boston, jonathan hall, 7 news peer. >> police in new hampshire looking out for a burglary suspect for this to the man
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and two suffolk university students robbed an atm near campus. they say two men approached them asking for money. one victim said the man had a gun but never revealed it. police are still searching for the robbers. recovering from a serious head injury after he is attacked outside of his home on ive street. officers say they found the 46-year-old man bleeding from his head after being struck with an object. they say the victim was conscious. police do not have suspects room last night.
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the bruce school in lawrence will remain closed after fire to through the school monday morning. students can pick up their belongings today by checking in with the school safety officer. investigators say they believe an electrical issue sparked a fire that started in a science classroom. >> a popular rhode island park struck by vandals. members of the hope village green park say the gazebo is seriously damaged and the railing also smashed about $1,000 and the vandalism comes just before the park's annual christmas tree lighting celebration. this is the second time in just a few months the park has been vandalized. >> something disgraceful like that, just to be mean and vicious, very, very discerning. we just hope that somebody will know who did it so that maybe we can stop it from happening again. >> officials say all the damage will be fixed before next
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to be on the lookout now for any suspicious activities. a study finds high levels of lead in more than 160 schools across the state. since april the epa has collected more than 25,000 water samples from schools across the state. 164 kids had at least one test that came back above recommended lead levels. in addition 750,000 funding to help make sure drinking water in schools is safe is now on the way. the mbta is conducting a survey to determine for overnight bus service in and around boston. officials say people can fill out the survey for a month. it's currently available on the t's web site and the results will be presented to the fiscal and management board in january. members of the board voted to end weekend buster back in march. revenue for massachusetts' first slot parlor are on the decline. the state's gaming commission reporting that plain ridge park casino posted a drop in gross earnings for a third month in a
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$12.6 million total violence erupts at a oklahoma city airport. an airline employee shot dead at will rogers airport. a gunman found dead in a car in the airport garage. here's more. >> oklahoma city's airport has re-opened after the shooting tuesday that led to a complete shut-down of the airport. >> reporter: chaos and confusion followed after a southwest airlines 53-year-old -- 52-year-old michael winchester, was shot and killed walking to an employee parking lot. police say the shooting was premeditated. the alleged gunman, a former employee of the southwest, is identified as lloyd dean buoy. police say they believe he fired a rifle from a park garage 50 yards away from where winchester was walking. >> the suspect armed himself and went to the airport with the intention of shooting someone. we do not know if mr. winchester was the intended victim. >> reporter: investigators say
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in retaliation for what may have led up to buoy's resignation in 2015. >> but obviously the suspect knew where the employees parked and where they would be walking to and from their vehicles to the main terminal. >> reporter: the victim is a former college football player and the father of kansas city chief's player james winchester. the relationship between michael winchester and the suspected gunman is still unclear as the investigation continues. nbc news. and police say a customer robbery and assault at a pennsylvania pizza restaurant. middletown's police chief saying the gunmen were looking to rob the place. they ordered two workers and a customer to the ground, then they pistol-whipped the customer. that customer then pulled out a hand gun and shot both of them. one of the suspects -- one of the suspected robbers, that is, died. the other is in serious condition now. it's a road rage event.
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girlfriend wrestling her to the ground. bystanders tried to stop the confrontation. they were unable to stop him but did slow him down. police arrested him moments later. everyone is okay after a cement truck overturned on a street in arizona. according to witnesses the truck was trying to make it through the intersection before the light changed. crews spent hours getting that truck back up right. ahead here at 4:30, motorcycles stolen. this isn't just any motorcycle. it was a superhero we'll explain. >> and making to the top 11 on the hit show. and ahead at 5:00, an alarming assault in hyde park. a woman now fighting for her life after a domestic dispute. police issuing a warrant for the suspect. and a sibling saved. a little boy prevents had i little brother from taking a serious tumble. it's all ahead right here on
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with a superhero steal, thieves targeting the wrong superhero in texas. this man dressed up as the marvel dead pool while riding >> when his motorcycle was stolen he says he helped police arrest the people responsible. >> when he passes by people, there's usually a double take or a request for a picture. suiting up is now part of dead pool gambino's routine. >> i think i get confused for spider-man and others. >> reporter: the fictional comic book hero made it into a smash movie hit this year.
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motorcycles but one came up missing on his way to work. >> i walked out and noticed my bike was gone. i was pretty upset. >> reporter: his gps tracker told him it was about 45 minutes away in northwest houston. he went to the scene and found a home with bike parts all over the property. he called police. dead pool was on his way to his day job so wasn't in costume when officers arrived. they did find his bike and parts of other motorcycles at the home. police have charged three men with theft and say the investigation is still ongoing. >> they were getting ready to put a bunch of bikes togethe was out riding along lone star rally while they were sitting behind bars. so the joke's on them. >> he is back on that very bike now after putting the parts back together. coming up here on 7news at 4:30. the number of people with high blood pressure. what experts are blaming those high numbers on, coming up in our healthcast. high pressure moving back in and that means sunshine and a return of milder air. forecast is coming up.
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a local singer has made it to the next round of "the voice." >> courtney horell, congratulations! [ cheering ] >> you are moving on! >> the dorchester native courtney earned a spot in the show's top 11, the team blake singer, that is, the performance of "i don't want to miss a thing" by eril smith got her enough votes to move on. she had a special son in the audience, her son. >> just having him here is just a -- i want to make him proud. he flew here.
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so i can't wait to see him when this is over. so i can just hug him and tell him i love him. >> courtney will be back on that big stage next monday night. we're now seeing a new tour which we're going to do -- [ cheering ] >> new kids on the block playing a 2017 concert and will perform july 8th with special guests boys to >> smash and grab, huh? slightly more complicated hand that that. >> matt damon always seems to be a step behind on ocean 11 but one step away on the all female ocean 7's cast. all women and matt damon shows up there. that's gonna be a fun movie. >> i'm all about that girl power. let's check now with crystal
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a little cloudy up there now but temperatures still okay, though, chris. >> yeah, not bad. 54 in boston. 48 in worcester. we are talking about close to seasonal levels and all that rain fell yesterday adding up to over 2-inches of water for some time. there is the wind, 15 miles per hour in boston. 16 in worcester. you continue that breeze through the evening hours, not overpowering but just adding a slight coolness to the atmosphere compared to, you know, temperatures running into the 50s with little to no wind outside. the rainve not expecting any more rain, and the clouds we've had have been tenacious do fall apart overnight tonight. although, there's one more batch that works through tomorrow morning before we can scour it out and return to sunshine in the afternoon. at least you don't have to shovel the rain, right. different story out west beginning to see some snow across the higher terrain, across the rockies and eventually this moves into the complaints and into the midwest, and if this isn't a sign of things to come, things changing here in terms of the season, i don't know what is.
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watches for portions of minnesota, back to the eastern dakotas for a major winter storm out that way. typically when you see those storms creating blizzard conditions out at the midwest, they take a path off to the north and to the east. they move to the west of news new england, and that means we're on the milder side of things. we'll be on the milder side of it on sunday when we do introduce a chance of a couple of showers. overall, look at current temperatures, upper 50s and lower 60s through the ohio valley. this is the airport that will be settling in to new england. so we days ahead of us. and even on saturday we start the weekend off dry. temperatures into the 50s on saturday, it's sunday that we have the best chance of developing showers and a gusty wind as an area of low pressure develops right over new england. western edges of new england, northern new england could get some snow out of this one. worcester points east, we're gonna see some snow. better chance of rainshowers more than anything else. however, behind the storm system, another area of low pressure really starts to crank, and high pressure off to the
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does drive a gusty wind and some cold air working in to new england. so it does get chilly by next week. >> partly cloudy, relatively mild this time of year. not all that cold. i think we stay above freezing. clouds and sun tomorrow, mid- to upper 50s. brightest skies in the afternoon as we start off with more clouds around in the morning. there is the 7 on 7 forecast going through the weekend and into early next week. temperatures do drop off monday and tuesday. chilly breeze out there. versus tuesday. but overall aside from sunday, we don't see much rain or snow in the seven-day forecast. >> all right, thanks so much, chris. let's get a check with the traffic now with matt fitzgerald. >> good afternoon. this is in weston right before the 128 interchange. we had a disabled vehicle in the left lane. just cleared moments ago. state police will be clearing momentarily. was in the left lane, so traffic is jammed back to the allston brighton interchange but should be free-flowing momentarily. route 1 north is crawling
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delays begin back at route 16 and revere and go up towards main street and saugus. southbound side moves well through saugus across the tobin and into downtown boston. the connector is jammed in both connections. on the bridge it's a crawl up past roosevelt circle and commerce way. the southbound side of the zakim is clearing well, you'll be clear into the southbound tunnel. on 93 north from the zakim bridge to route 128, a 26 minute drive. and andover, 22 minutes. i'm matt fitzgerald, zen nuts. in today's healthcast, a new study says the number of people with high blood pressure has doubled in 40 years. high blood pressure affects more than 1 billion people worldwide. researchers say poor childhood nutrition, less access to healthcare and pollution problems are related to those findings.
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having an 80% higher risk of having the risk of a stroke compared to those who did not get migraines. researchers listed over 200,000 middle-aged adults treated for heartburn and patients taking nexium, previous sid and prilosec had a 21% increased risk of a type of stroke caused by blood clots. however those taking a low dose of these drugs had no increased risks. and a new government study reveals teen decreased dramatically but geographical differences remain. data shows between 2007 and 2015 teen births dropped by 50% in large urban areas, 44% in medium to small urban areas and only 37% in rural counties. >> ahead at 5:30, we'll have a preview of everybody's favorite holiday tradition and macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. well, thanksgiving is a week away. >> this year a couple of floats will be making their first appearance. chris anderson has much more. >> reporter: from conception to tangible magic. >> it's amazing seeing all the colors and all the artwork.
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of new additions this year. the aloha spirit featuring a working water ball, the girl scouts building a better world, deck the halls and crazy fun house. they're elaborate and no doubt expensive. >> we always talk about the parade as being our gift to new york and to the country. and when you get a gift, you never ask the price. >> reporter: building the 26 floats is the easy part but breaking them down to roll them into new york city the day before the parade is no easy feat. >> all of these, floats have to come apart and collapse and dismantle down to no more than 8.5 feet wide, no more than 12.5 feet tall, and they've gotta go through the lincoln tunnel. >> reporter: almost nothing can get in the way of the parade rolling through town. in 90 year the parade was only canceled for three years during world war ii and marched on after 9/11 and marched on six days after the jfk assassination. >> the kennedy family reached
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on because the country needs it. and to do so reminds everybody just how great things can be. with political protests breaking out across the country, organizers say this parade is more important than ever. >> we are gonna move forward with the greatest country and the greatest knock accuracy on the planet. >> now, if you're not planning on making the trek down to new york city for the parade, you can still watch it from the comfort of your couch during a special broadcast on today. 7news. >> just like waking up thanksgiving morning, have that on the team, smell the turkey cook. >> oh, i know. already coming right up. >> you better get your turkey on this year. much more to come in the next 90 minutes. i'm jadiann thompson. >> and i'm ryan schulteis. 7news at 5:00 starts right now. >> reporter: searching for a suspect, a woman brutally attacked in hyde park during a domestic dispute.
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court. why thousands of cases could be thrown out. >> plus, talking with trump. why the owner of new england's favorite football team was spotted in new york city. and a patriots player hits it hard after a absence in practice today. what can we expect this weekend from the pats' tight send in. >> rain over and done with. we return to sunshine the next couple of days and a mild weekend. in weather coming up. and a baby saved all thanks to we are following breaking news, first here at 5:00, police in princeton revealing a new detail in the search for a suspect in the death of of a woman who was found in august. police say they're looking for a dark suv. >> and they say that car was seen near the crime scene. cheryl has more of the breaking details. >> well, the witness told police that a dark colored suv was seen parked near the scene of the murder and the district attorney
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brooks station road around the time of the killing of vanessa marcotte. the boston alumni student worked for google in new york city and visiting family in princeton when she went out for a jog that morning. her family reported her missing when she didn't come back from the run. her body was found in the woods not far from the family's home. crews searched and combed through the woods looking for evidence, and police and family members called upon the public for any clues into her death. again, police are now looking for a dark-colored suv princeton on august 7th. police say they are also looking for a male suspect who may have had injuries after that date. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. in the newsroom, i'm cheryl fee


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